Ain't NO Middle No Mo!

I am growing increasingly concerned with the Democrats choices for President in 2020, in fact, I’m growing increasingly concerned with the Democratic “platform” at the moment. I’ll explain why and what it means for us, but first I have to explain something else, so please bear with me.
I was born and raised by a Republican Family, and for decades, I was a true and faithful supporter of the Republican platform, and Republican Candidates. I’ve managed multiple successful campaigns and truly enjoyed the entire experience. Leading up to the 2000 Election, I supported, financially and in every other way, George W. Bush.
That election, was the “beginning” of the end of my membership in the Party. The entire bunch of nonsense in Florida with the “hanging chads” and then sending the election to the Supreme Court, left a bad taste in my mouth. I LOVE winning, but I prefer to run fairly. I felt there should have been a runoff election in Florida to determine the result. VOTERS should make these decision, plain and simple, in spite of the rules.
Next came the crazy stuff in GW’s first administration, and by the time he came up for re-election, when the GOP called me, I hung up on them. Letters followed, they went in the trash unopened. More calls came, and I finally told someone to take my name off the list, I was no longer interested in Republican Politics.
It was partly the just plain uniformed and stupid moves we made during the first admin. Things like WMD, pushing into Iraq when I felt it was a completely ignorant move, proven to be true over time. Plain and simple we followed the oil instead of the interests of young Americans put in harms way. More than that, the Tea Party movement had begun, and the rhetoric of ANTI-Republicanism ticked me off to no end and I quit. I was done, over and out, mic drop and please don’t call me, EVER again.
I’m seeing the same nonsensical approach to centrist politics all over again, this time from the left. What we’re going to face, I’m certain, is some idiot from the left who is SO far left that I couldn’t support them if I tried, pushing off against either Trump or some other moron who is so far to the right that I will NEVER support them as well.
For me, this is a no go. I dislike, and completely disrespect the far left as well as the far right. There is no real difference in their ignorance as far as I’m concerned. The worst of it is, as long as we are so far apart in our thinking, this Country is going nowhere fast.
This country was BUILT by people with differing ideas, but they KNEW, that in the end, only by working together, could any agenda move forward. I see this “wall” thing as a simple matter of point. Here we have two gunslingers locked in a battle of wits over a single decision. The problem is, neither one has any wits, and sadly we are all going to pay for a political ideology that is just plain wrong in the first place. Pelosi, clearly with bigger balls, and Trump, so arrogant that he’ll screw the entire country to save face and give his base what they want, are going to end up at loggerheads. Trump will declare an emergency, the courts will stop it, and it will wind up at the Supreme Court, packed by, as it has been for 60 years, by a Repbulican appointed, Conservative group of people.
Will we have a wall? I truly hope not. I’ve been against this wall concept for 25 years or so, and I’m not changing my opinion any time soon.
Now I am not so confused as to believe that my thoughts/ideas will change a single thing. At this point, we’re all in a U-Haul Trailer being pulled by bunch of idiots in a pickup truck with shotguns in the rear window, all hanging out of the windows yelling “yee-haw” while one is holding a Coor’s and the other a bottle of Jack.
Sooner or later, these mutts will loose control, roll over, and all of us in the trailer are going to get hurt, or killed, in the disaster that follows.
Simply put, a true leader, leads from the center. It’s hard to be far right, or far left, and be concerned about the opposing parties. You MUST center yourself so that you can INCLUDE everyone, no matter their point of view. What we have done, here, is whatever party has the “power,” that’s the way we are going, irrespective of the fact that the other side has huge numbers and SHOULD be recognized as people who have rights as well.
THAT, my friends, is a tragedy, of epic proportions.
Here’s the TRUTH, the 100% God’s honest truth….Donald Trump did NOT create this disaster. In fact, has we NOT been on this path for years, Trump would never have been possible. Donald Trump HAPPENED, because too many people in this country felt marginalized, and eventually they rose up and TOOK control. Now we see it happening all over again, only on the far left.
Whoever is successful in 2020, let us HOPE and PRAY, that it someone who leads from the center, has a moral compass, and will represent us ALL in the process. If Trump is re-elected, which I honestly pray will NOT happen, it will only be because the Democratic nominee was so far left that moderate Democrats, Centrists, and Moderate Republicans, could not possibly support them, and will re-elect the Devil they know instead of the one that we don’t.
If you’re a Trump fan, I get it, I do. I don’t want any part of it, but I DO understand WHY. For those on the far left, I’m just as afraid of you as I am Trump, but I’d rather spend the next six years beating the crap out of him, than to take a gamble on whatever loosely held nonsense you provide to the equation.
WANT MY VOTE? It’s simple, find me a Candidate that leads from the center, and I’m in….along with millions of Dems, Centrists and Repbulicans who would ALL love to END Trump and his regime, but trust me, we’re NOT interested in malarkly from the far left either.
Good Luck to all of us, and God Bless America.

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