Tanks fer Nuttin'

What you’ve lost is worse than you thought.
Back in 1979, the year my last child was born, Ronald Reagan was running for President of the United States. Now, to me, it really doesn’t matter what you or I think of his politics, he was a unique individual with a large caring heart, who spoke to the good in ALL of, no matter which side of the aisle you perched on.
My only “grievance” with the man and his politics, was his economic theory of “trickle down” results for the middle class. It wasn’t a “new” philosophy, but it was the late 70’s, and people loved Disco….so MY theory is, IF you can get all excited about Disco, then you probably weren’t knee deep in economic theories.
As economic theories go, it is fairly well established that the Trickle Down concept simply does not work. NOW, it’s certainly “possible” that it COULD work, it just never has, and probably never will. The WHY question is really quite simple. Business, other than knowing what you like, what your purchasing habits are, etc, don’t give a rats butt about you, your family, or whatever your predicament in life might happen to be.
Ever hear that old phrase: “It’s nothing personal, it’s just BUSINESS?”
Ya, well trust me, that’s a load of horse hockey imported straight from the nearest stall. Get a Clue, “IT’S ALWAYS PERSONAL.” PERIOD.
While the left sits around pondering why the rich are getting richer, and the right suggests that they are only getting richer because they work so hard, invest wisely, and otherwise live such Godly, exemplary lives, HERE, the the “down-low” or “411” on the upload of cash and prizes that are being moved from the middle class to the wealthy.
First off, “Trickle Down” assumes on thing that is not now, never has been, and will not become TRUE in the future. Giving the Wealthy cash and prizes, does NOT result in any kind of “downstream feed” to the middle class. NONE.
NOW, I am NOT suggesting, as so many on the left have, that we take from the rich and give to the poor. What I AM suggesting, is we STOP taking from the poor and giving to the mutts that already have more money than God to begin with.
Look folks, IF folks in business do their job WELL, do the RESEARCH, and PROMOTE, they will benefit from the fact that we provide them with a steady income stream by doing business with them. That’s IT!
Why, on God’s green earth, do we need to provide ADDITIONAL income streams to the rich by:
1. Tax Cuts
2. Corporate Welfare
3. Government Incentives
4. Bailouts
Every time we have a Republican Administration, or Republican held Congress, we have a GIANT increase in tax cuts to the wealthy, and it is ALWAYS in the “guise” of this moronic, “trumped up” concept of Trickle Down.
So let’s think about this for a second.
Let’s assume that you’re an employer. You’re doing OK, and life is good. You’re employees are doing ok, life is good. Now, YOU decide, that you want a nice new boat and an airplane wouldn’t hurt either, that way you could get to wherever you want to go faster. So, instead of saving like the rest of us do, you decide that beginning next Friday, on payday, you’re going to take 10% from each employee, and put it in YOUR bank account, to buy said airplane and boat.
Do you think your employee’s are going say, “Sure Boss, you deserve a new boat and airplane, we love ya’ man.”
Or will they get ticked off, form a Union, and fight back?
Let’s just ASSUME now, that they love you so much, that they give you the boat and airplane money. What’s YOUR next play.
Well now, since you’re so well loved and apparently a really nice human being, you suddenly decide, heck, if I’ve got a new boat and a new airplane, I’ve got to take care of them, and a place to put/park them would be nice. I’ll need a hanger at the airport, and a dock on the water….oh man, if I want a dock, I’ve got to have some land, and if I’ve got some land, I might as well build a house out there.
So you take another 10%.
So you’re getting richer, and your folks are getting poorer, and THAT, my friends, is trickle down economics. The suggestion is, that if we give enough money to the rich, eventually, they’ll start giving back in some significant way. You know, after the new houses, the new toys, etc. EVENTUALLY they’ll do SOMETHING, right?
NOPE. Has NEVER worked and it is not now.
Want proof?
Guess what, hey, I just HAPPEN to have some, and yep, YOU bought into it.
Just a short while ago, Donald J. Trump, President of the people, by the People and FOR the people, told us that IF we’d go along with his idea of tax breaks for he and his buddies, that WE, you and me, would get a 10% tax cut too.
When the time came, to IMPLEMENT that 10% for you and me, AFTER he’d given the big breaks to his friends and himself, he told us, “OOPS, I guess the economy isn’t strong enough yet, to give you guys that 10% tax cut I promised you. That was, interestingly, the same day that he told the media, proudly, that w e had the strongest economy EVER and the BEST in the world.
And then, the other shoe dropped.
We NOW discover, that our tax REFUNDS are, on average, 8% LESS, than we USED to get, before Trump and his “new deal” Tax strategy.
Now, I’m not exactly a math whiz, God knows, but it occurs to me, that if we lost a 10% cut, and 8% of our refund, that net net, we lost a grand total of 18% of our INCOME that we were PROMISED.
Wow, that trickle down thing really works doesn’t it.
OH, trust me, the rich GOT their big cuts, don’t worry about them, somehow or other they will get by…they’ll manage to gut it out until somebody comes along and gives them a hand out AGAIN.
But have you EVER noticed, that the people who scream the LOUDEST about the “poor” getting free health care, free meals, WIC, or whatever, are the same rich clods that we’ve all been sending OUR hard earned dollars to?
What is happening here, in America, is an exchange of wealth from the poor to the rich. My God, it’s Robin Hood in reverse and where the heck is the Sheriff of Nottingham when you need him?
Look, it’s really rather simple. At SOME point, there will be none of us left, or at least none of us with any money left, to GIVE to the rich.
What do YOU suppose will happen then? Will they give it all back and say, hey, we didn’t realize.
Ya, me neither. When it’s all said and done, when we have nothing left to give, they’ll own everything, and it’s back to being vassals and serfs for us.
Of course there is ALWAYS that slim hope, that a few of us will discover “Texas Tea” in our backyards, and we can move the Beverly, Hills that is, to join up with them thar’ rich folks with their fancy pot passers and cement ponds….but I doubt I’ll hold my breath until then.
When Republicans call for LESS government folks, they’re NOT calling for less government for YOU and ME, they want LESS Government intervention into the way they rob, rape and pillage the rest of us. Less Government means fewer regulations so they can dump their crap in our drinking water, pollute at will, and in general, do whatever the hell they please, as long as it benefits THEM, not us.
And there you have it, trickle down right to your back door. We sent THEM OUR MONEY, THEY SEND US THEIR SHIT.
And yet we KEEP ON VOTING THESE IDIOTS INTO OFFICE because, well, we gotta believe that SOONER OR LATER, it’s just GOTTA work.
And THAT is why they invented the lottery, the good old grandaddy of Redneck Retirement Programs.
C’ya on the radio.

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