CNN? Good God Almighty! What is WRONG with me?

The Number ONE question that I get asked, is this. WHY CNN? There are SO many options why did you choose them.
It’s a really GREAT question.
For years, WIPS was an ABC affiliate and I really wanted to go with ABC. The problem THEY had, was that they had no “category” for an online radio station. Same with CBS and NBC.
but it’s DEEPER than a loyalty thing, because CNN said YES. Trust me, it’s FAR DEEPER.
If we were to look at the stories that CNN is covering today, vs. those being covered, by say, FOX News, you’d see a tremendous difference, and I AM NOT talking about Politics or left vs. right bent.
CNN tends to cover far deeper, more meaningful stories on a daily basis. More than that, TRUTH is the MAJOR factor there, ratings and revenue be damned. The PEOPLE behind CNN are kind, caring, REAL people who aren’t afraid to share their lives with you. Original programming get a huge share of budget, and it deals with HUGE social issues that affect us all.
Now that may sound, to you, like a commercial, but it’s a simple truth as seen by a 53 year veteran of the news wars. FURTHER…it is NOT skewing “left” if they’re telling the truth. If FOX skewed right telling the truth, I’d have no issue with it at all, NONE. Sadly, the great bulk of their reporting reads like a Press Release from the White House.
Let’s just look at this morning’s offerings from FOX and compare:
1. Destined for Failure – a story about how the Republicans would never impeach in the Senate? DUH…did donald or donald jr write that?
2. Virginia Beach HORROR – good story, kudos to FOX for elevating it to the top tier.
3. Royal Mess – trump backtracking on something he said…gotcha
4. Stars final days – FOX has an absolute obsession with the famous and near famous, especially if they’re female and don’t mind showing a lot of skin.
5. Mayhem in Venice – story about a rogue cruise ship. We covered it, but it wasn’t in BOLD headlines….that’s simply yellow journalism.
6. The rest degenerates into virtually everyone at FOX taking their morning shot at anyone with a (D) before or behind their name. Doesn’t matter who it is, all Democrats are crazy and bad news. Just a constant stream of it. CNN will take anyone to task if they’re stupid but FOX has elevated it to an art form. Just the way it goes.
I WISH this was a simple left/right point of view, but sadly, it is not. If it WERE, then you could just roll along and know everything is alright with the world. The REALITY is, since is not, it tells a much more drastic story of corruption, lies and deceit.
Those of us in the middle of this tumult are left scratching our heads how it is that neither the left nor the right is seeing this debacle unfold. The Right is SO far right now that NOTHING but THEIR truth is real. The left is so busy trying to hatch a plan that they’re leaving the real future of the country to float around like some seaweed in the ocean all the while ignoring that they’ve focused on the problem, and not the solution.
Where does it all end? I’ve no idea frankly, but I can tell you this…when it’s all said and done, CNN will still be out there on the front lines and in the trenches, telling the truth.
Fox News will be talking about Elizabeth Hurley who STILL looks great in a bikini at 56 or whatever. (She DOES BTW, but I don’t get how it’s news – I DO get how it equals ratings.)
And so it goes!

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