Harmony in the Desert

Harmony in the Desert

In the troubled times we live in, there are plenty of examples of how the worst of society manages to do life. Here in Tucson Arizona, we’ve found even more examples of exactly how is could and should be done.
Example: Prep & Pastry on Campbell Avenue in Tucson.
I’m not in the habit of writing restaurant reviews, and while this may appear to be one, it’s really so much more than that.
We went to brunch at Prep & Pastry Saturday, and we were rewarded with about a 25 minute wait in comfortable lounge chairs while we watched an absolute PARADE of people from all over the world. The patrons all seemed to be having fun, enjoying their drinks and meals, but what REALLY impressed the heck out of me, was the staff.
Brown, Black, White and probably more that I didn’t see, not only scurried to take care of business, but seemed absolutely DELIGHTED to be doing so. They all got along, but more than that, it was really quite clear that they were having fun. They loved their work. My gut told me that this is a group of people that had a leader who really CARED, not only about his customers and their experience, but about his people and THEIR experience. Smiles were the rule of the day, and there wasn’t a single frown or serious face in the place….they LOVED what they were doing.
Along the way, the owner showed up. He didn’t introduce himself as “the boss” or the leader or even as the owner. He simply stopped by, and asked how things were and if there was anything he could do for us.
Fortunately, there wasn’t a thing for him to correct but I watched him for the next hour. He was everywhere doing everything. Filling water glasses, cleaning up spills, talking to people and in general, making himself useful to both his customers and his staff, as only a truly caring leader can and will.
Our meal, Brunch to be specific, was over the top. I had Duck for brunch and it was awesome. My virgin Bloody Mary was to die for, and the hot sauce that they brought, on a scale of 1 to 100, had to be an 80 for heat. All of this at 11 in the morning, with 107 degrees blaring outside.
But it’s a “dry” heat…and as Jimmie, my erstwhile Brother-in-Law says, “so is an oven.” I have to admit, I was really almost scared about this trip. I’ve been to Tucson before, I’ve been to Vegas, Henderson and Lake Meade. But I usually time these trips in the early spring, when the heat is not as crazy as it is in July during the Monsoon season. This trip, well, we really didn’t have a choice in the matter as our niece Johnna married the love of her life David Meek last night at the Hotel Congress in downtown Tucson.
Before I go too far, let me tell you that downtown Tucson on a Saturday night during Summer Break, is a pretty incredible place to hang. There was live music all up and down the street, food trucks galore with every kind of experience you might want, and plenty of yummy drinks to help keep you cool. Just driving through was an experience to not be missed, and I really found that I like this city of a million people.
Like any city, it has it’s issues, but overall, the experience both in the city and at brunch, left me with a very warm heart for the people of Arizona. Friendly doesn’t come close to describing it. From a young clerk at Target, to the lady who kept bringing me free cake at the Hotel Congress last night, WOW….you guys ROCK!
Yes, I was here for a wedding, but also more than that. Friday evening I met with a young man who is going to lead our radio efforts here in Tucson. With a ton of talent, I’ll get to introduce him and our staff here in a few weeks, and I can’t wait to get things rolling here.
Tomorrow evening, we’ll be in Phoenix and we’ll be having dinner with Stu Turgel and Judy Freider. Stu and I go WAY back. He was at Johnston Island and AFRTS in 1969 when then President Richard Nixon paid a visit to celebrate the splashdown of Apollo 11. I was there in 1976 when nothing of importance happened, but I had a great time anyway. We’ve never met, but we’ve been fast friends and blood brothers for a lot of years. It’s about time we sat down and had dinner together.
We will ALSO be announcing ANOTHER radio effort in Phoenix in a few weeks. Led by John Bradley and his Phoenix partner, we’ll be bringing the best of southwest music right to your computer, cell phone, tablet or other connected device. These will be stations 12 and 13 in our Network, and every last one of us is excited to be a part of it.
Meanwhile, if the folks in Phoenix are like our new friends in Tucson, holy cow. There is hope for our civilization after all.
Somebody explain to me why the rest of the country can’t get along with one another like these folks do?

C’ya on the radio!

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  1. All of these good times so close to the border and no signs of the marauding hordes of unsavory bad guys that Trump is trying to save us from. As a Phoenecian by choice I am thrilled you had such a great experience in the Old Pueblo (Tucson) and we look forward to dinner with you tomorrow night up here. Yes, it is toasty in Arizona at this time of year but we are a state with a huge heart, a big welcome sign, a spirit as hot as a July day or the hottest ghost peppers. The scourge that Trump is trying to protect us from are our brothers and sisters who add to the beautiful tapestry of our multicultural state. Now that you have new radio colleagues for TSN in Tucson and Phoenix I hope you’ll come back often. Your next visit should be when it’s less scorching here and when the snow flies in Ohio.

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