I can only speak for myself, but I keep reading and hearing about this “War on Religion” and frankly, it pisses me off.
First, I’m a believer. I’m Saved. I’m also a sinner, and in spite of my efforts, I fail to be what most would probably consider a “good Christian.” So be it.
For God know’s HOW MANY years, we’ve been herded to church and counseled on the legalistic aspects of “religion.” That’s the very FIRST mistake as far as I am concerned, because it’s NEVER been about “religion” for me, and the legalistic concept of who and what I SHOULD be (discerned by the “good Christians”), will never match up.
Apparently, I’m just not Christian “enough.” Hoo-RAH!
For me, it’s a spiritual journey, a relationship with the creator, and the certain knowledge that my lack of perfection doesn’t matter to the one who will ultimately judge my life, only that I believed and worked on improvement.
But this “WAR” that Mr. Barr and the Evangelicals proclaim is just plain BULL CRAP.
I’m sorry, but there is no religious persecution here in America, in fact, it’s JUST the REVERSE. Being a Christian has NOTHING whatsoever to do with going to church. WE are NOT commanded to go to the church, the CHURCH is COMMANDED to come to us, the sinners. That’s the way it is supposed to work.
We’ve been penned in, told who and what to be, commanded to do thus and such, and never once is there any mention of the individual’s RIGHT to believe as he or she desires, IN SPITE of the fact, that the Bill of Rights & the Constitution of the United States says we HAVE those rights.
Where in those precious papers does it say that the rights of the Church, or Religion (pick one) is MORE significant or GREATER THAN the rights of the individual.
It simply isn’t in there. Period.
As a Christian, I have never once felt that I’ve been persecuted in ANY WAY. NEVER, NOT ONCE….so where the heck IS this war?
What has happened in America is a big fat sham of an operation by the legalistic right wing church going crowd to completely obliterate the individual’s ability to make decisions for themselves.
It is, my friends, simply and solely, about Abortion.
If not for that one word, the evangelicals (I can’t even capitalize the word) would NEVER have fallen in line with the ultra right wing of the Republican Party. NEVER.
We have gone, in just 20 years, from impeaching a President for getting a blow job, to ELECTING one for grabbing them by the pussy.
What the hell????
I’ve come to the conclusion that IF the right wing church is going to insist on electing and promoting people of disgust such as we have, then they need to step away from their 501c3’s or whatever the heck they use, and START PAYING TAXES.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I am FULL OF DISGUST for this entire operation and no matter how hard I try, I can’t get past it.
I am, and have been, Pro-LIFE. BUT….for 60 some years we’ve had a Conservative Supreme Court, and Rowe v. Wade is STILL the law of the land. It’s SETTLED law folks…SETTLED.
So in some rage of the age, the alt-right church has gone off the rails, hired a con-man, completely owned primate in orange to “see to it” that settled law goes bye-bye. They were, and ARE, WILLING to sacrifice and sell their souls to get the job done.
Can you even IMAGINE Jesus reacting like that? Can you possibly THINK that Jesus would sell his soul to satan in exchange for making a rule change for his people? I submit to you, that this is THEE MOST RIDICULOUS THING I’VE EVER HEARD.
For me, PERSONALLY? I’ll take my chances on being judged as one of the believers who stood in the gap AGAINST this nonsensical idea, and personally and corporately promoted the #RESIST movement, the @NEVERTRUMP movement, and any other group who will stand up against the orange one and fight for EVERYONE’s RIGHTS as Americans, not as Christians.
And Mr. Barr? Your “war on religion?” Stick it where the sun doesn’t shine and please, have the the spiritual honestly to step down as AG. Your true colors are showing, and they are NOT Red, White & Blue.

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